Long term goals require short term actions, too.

It’s Wednesday, 5:47 pm.

Your boss brings you an urgent project.

You can either:

  1. do the urgent project, and delay that important professional networking meeting
  2. go to the important professional networking meeting, and delay the urgent project

With one, you will feel pain tomorrow.

With the other, you won’t feel the pain for another 10 years, but when it comes, it will hurt worse.

Urgent does not always mean important.  Do not confuse the two.

About Matt Krause

Matt began his professional life as an import buyer, and since 2006 has been teaching companies how to connect with their investors and clients better. His clients work in Istanbul, Bucharest, and Sofia for companies like Allianz, 3M, P&G, Citibank, and Reckitt Benckiser. He also walked across Turkey and wrote a book about it.